Inforce Clothing is a brand inspired by the unique heartbeat that pulses through the many pockets of every city. Through our clothing and community pop ups, we blend the New Orleans culture of love with the ethos of each distinct location. Everything we do strives to embody one feeling: unity through community.

Growing up in the music spaces of New Orleans, our founder Jacob Stephens learned firsthand through the people he calls family that love is not just a word but a lifestyle. Now, he brings this culture to new communities. This passion for community-building is how Inforce was born.

Through our Unity Through Community pop ups, we create our own metaphorical GUMBO: the perfect blend of cultures, lifestyles, and identities, served best over live music and organic conversation. Each pop up is curated to embody the spirit of its city. Our streetwear apparel is created with the wearer in mind, designed to elevate your style in comfort whether you’re in New York, LA, New Orleans, or anywhere in the world! We hope that our clothing is a reminder that you are loved and supported by the Inforce Community with each wear.